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  • Norton 360 Standard 1 Device
  • Norton 360 Standard 1 Device
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Norton 360 Standard, 10GB, 1 User, 1 Device, 12 Months, PC, MAC, Android, iOS, DVD, VPN, Parental Controls, Retail Edition, Subscription

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Malware steals login credentials for banking and cryptocurrency apps — and is spreading around the world

Flubot, also called Cabassous, is an Android banking malware (also a banking trojan) that is pushed by cybercriminals in large-scale campaigns, that targeted consumers across Europe this spring. We are seeing this now in Australia

Access to the botnet is being sold in underground forums by the operators to criminal groups as a so-called malware-as-a-service (MAAS). The actors behind the Flubot botnet sending Smishing (SMS phishing) messages with fake notices of upcoming package deliveries and urge the victim to follow a link to track the shipment.  

The landing page then presents a download button supposedly required to track the package. After a victim falls for this social engineering trick, Flubot is downloaded to the mobile device and requests various permissions, including access to the contact list, sending SMS messages, and overlaying other applications.  

The contact list is subsequently sent to a command-and-control (C&C or C2) server and used to seed new waves of smishing messages that are sent through infected phones (devices).  

The Flubot malware does not exploit any vulnerabilities in the Android OS or targeted devices but prompts the user to manually grant two powerful system permissions. These permissions allow the attackers to steal credentials from banking and cryptocurrency apps on infected devices, using overlays and then exfiltrate one-time-password (OTP) and two-factor authentication (2FA) codes. 

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Norton LifeLock EXTEND Program Brief:

Customers of the participating resellers benefit from the NortonLifeLock EXTEND program.
After a customer purchases an eligible product from a registered reseller, they too will be able to register their product key from a separate consumer portal: which gives their subscription a 60 day extension at no extra cost!

Program support queries can be directed to:

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